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Are you wondering what you can do in Northern Cyprus? Whether you are planning to move here or buy a second home, or just visit for a vacation, there are many fun activities waiting for you in Northern Cyprus that will create unforgettable memories for you! Northern Cyprus offers a variety of options for visitors, from nature activities to historical sites or gourmet travels. Check out these 10 activities that we think you should definitely do when you travel to Northern Cyprus.

1. Relax on the beach

Northern Cyprus has many beautiful beaches perfect for relaxing and soaking up the sun. Enjoy the beach all year round with our brand-new projects just 100 meters from the sea.

2. Visit Bellapais Monastery

Located in the village of Bellapais, this historic monastery is a peaceful and beautiful spot to visit. It is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Northern Cyprus.

3. Dive in the Mediterranean Sea

Northern Cyprus has excellent diving spots with clear waters and a wide variety of marine life. Check out our projects where you can live a peaceful residence life while staying close to diving spots.

4. Visit Salamis Ruins

The ancient city of Salamis is a fascinating place to visit in Northern Cyprus. Discover the history of this beautiful Mediterranean island with its well-preserved ruins and spectacular scenery. Meet our hotel concept projects in this area.

5. Take a boat trip

There are plenty of opportunities for boating in Northern Cyprus, whether you want to go fishing, snorkeling or just enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the sea and nature in Northern Cyprus, which offers different beauties at every time of the year.

6. Visit Vouni Palace and the ancient city of Soli

Vouni Palace with its magnificent panoramic view and the ancient city of Soli, which offers architectural masterpieces with its theater, agora and basilica, are among the must-see places in Northern Cyprus. Witness this history in our projects neighboring Cittaslow, citrus gardens.

7. Take a yoga class on the beach

The warm climate and beautiful surroundings make Northern Cyprus the perfect place to practice yoga. Step into a calm and healthy life with our project that combines vacation and health tourism.

8. Try the local cuisine

Northern Cyprus has a delicious and varied cuisine with plenty of seafood and locally grown produce. Have dinner at one of the restaurants on the Mediterranean coast with stunning views.

9. Tour Kyrenia Castle

Located on the north coast of the island, Kyrenia Castle is a must-see destination. Our projects in the center of Kyrenia will be with you very soon.

10. Visit the golf centers

Discover the golf centers of Northern Cyprus. Enjoy this pleasure all year round in our projects just a short drive from the internationally renowned Korineum Golf Resort.

Enjoy everyday Like a holiday

If you are thinking of buying a property in Northern Cyprus, whether to live this enjoyable island life every day or to get capital appreciation from the rich tourism opportunities of Northern Cyprus, let’s evaluate the most suitable options for you together!